Thirty-Five 'Lux

Photographs of the Human Condition ... mostly.

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  4. cowesses said: I found the article you describe. I’m probably biased against it now after reading your critique, but it does seem like a bunch of b.s. There are even passages that just aren’t good English, but maybe it was translated.
  5. adammalcolm said: Well said! I honestly miss your DA posts, back in the good ol’ days. Well, 5 years ago. All of these non-pro workshop guys need to be put down. They’re ruining it for everyone. His exhibition just looks like a bunch of miss shots.
  6. filmus-monochromus said: I first became aware of him when I got the Digilux 2. I soon became aware that he is the classic definition of ‘Style over substance’!
  7. lightsquared said: Glad to hear words from you again Chris, even if it is outing some crazy wannabe. ;) Did you ever decide on a Nikon film shooter?
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